Buyer Ben

Throughout the entire process of purchasing my home, I felt like Andrew was very trustworthy and sincerely concerned about my well-being. In any business, most salespersons usually exude a sense of selfishness and dishonesty; Andrew Foltz is the opposite of most salespersons. At every meeting we ever had, he was always very well-prepared and early, not to mention his exceptionally clean and sophisticated physical appearance. Whenever scheduling house tours and face-to-face or phone conversations, Andrew was especially flexible, considerate, and easy to work with. I frequently requested that Andrew present me with detailed information on properties, mortgages, pre-approvals, etc. His responses to me were clearly stated as well as promptly submitted. Not only did Andrew exercise a high level of proficiency and due diligence, he also gave me sound and logical advice that I could trust to be in my best interest. I am absolutely thrilled with my new home and can attribute a great deal of that happiness to the outstanding efforts of Andrew Foltz.

— Ben