What is My Home Worth?

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Staging Tips When Selling Your Home

  • Less-is-more is the motto: remove clutter, personal belongings, and extra furniture from rooms to create a depersonalized space that will show off the home’s features
  • Repair any part of the home that would detract from a home’s appearance and quality inside and out [mechanicals, carpentry, walls, floors]
  • “No Trace of a Face” means removing all family and personal pictures/photos/portraits
  • Remove throw rugs/ area rugs on all flooring surfaces [except a mat at the front door]
  • One Décor Item per flat surface is a general rule to keep tables, vanities, window sills, dressers, etc. from becoming over crowded and cluttered
  • Nothing on top of cabinets or bookcases IF the top is less than two feet from the ceiling
  • Keep all bathrooms hotel-style by eliminating ALL personal grooming items from showers, vanities, etc. with the exception of fresh white towels, and some soap
  • Open all blinds/shades/window treatments to make the space feel larger and brighter
  • Keep it clean & tidy by sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and scrubbing all areas and surfaces; make all beds and straighten pillows